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1. Gamer & Streaming

I have been playing for a long time on Xbox and PC games, I can help you setup your kids perfect gaming console with the hardare you already have or I can even help you find the perfect parts to upgrade or built a new PC for your best players. I can work with budget and I have many connections to help me find the best hardware for the best price.  Once the hardware is in place, I can setup the system to be running as smooth as possible with custom setup to improve performance.  Email me and I will call you back.

Streming Setup

Streaming to Twitch, Youtube video can be cool to do, But it needs to be setup in order to display your content and your camera data at the right place for your audience to view the best possible screen play and interaction from the player.  I can help you setup this space and enjoy nice streaming videos.

Game Configurations

You need accounts and download games to start playing, keyboard shortcuts and gameplay easier setup, I can help you fine tune the computer and download what is needed and best in class to stream and play.

Best Hardware

Not every keyboard and mouse are created equal.  To be a great player and compete with other player online, hardware is important, let me suggest  the best keyboards, mouse, LED ambiance lighting, monitor setup, webcam, and Mic that works great and will be on the right budget.

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